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Ravi's attitudes towards treatment are holistic (physical, mental and spiritual) and caring. In that vein he hopes that all his patients will take their own treatment as seriously as he does. At Complimentary Physiotherapy we all strive to send you back out into your busy life feeling more relaxed, strengthened ,balanced and prepared to heal.

Ravi's 10 Concepts for Integrated Healing and Maintaining a Healthy System

  1. Maintain a positive attitude
  2. Make giving and sharing a pleasure. Learn to appreciate it when someone reciprocates
  3. Always take time to eat slowly. Enjoy good nutrition.
  4. Take appropriate nutritional supplements and herbs.
  5. Maintain proper posture.
  6. Give and share at least three hugs a day and accompany them with a big smile.
  7. Make it a practice to enjoy a hearty laugh every day.
  8. Take 20 minutes of quiet time daily to meditate or to just "be".
  9. Treat and love others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  10. Be at peace and harmony with yourself. Always share goodness with others.

Remember... without love, life energy will remain empty.